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Privacy Policy Oriente Import S.r.l.

Oriente Import S.r.l. collects some Personal Data of its Users.

Holder of the data processing

Oriente Import S.r.l. - Via Dell 'Industria, 19 / B - 36063 Marostica (VI)

Email address of the holder company:

Types of data collected

Among the Personal Information collected by Oriente Import S.r.l. , either independently or through third parties, there are: name, surname, date of birth, telephone number, address, email, Tax Code, nation, state, zip, city, address invoicing, shipping address, house number, Cookies and usage data.

Full details on each type of data collected are provided in the sections of this privacy policy or by specific information texts appear before the collection of the data.
The Personal Information may be freely provided by the User or, in the case of use data, automatically collected during the use of the Oriente Import S.r.l. .
Unless otherwise specified, all data required by Oriente Import S.r.l.  are required. If the user refuses to communicate, it might be impossible for Oriente Import S.r.l. provide the Service. Where Oriente Import S.r.l. indicate certain data as optional, Users are free to refrain from communicating such data, without this having any effect on the availability of the Service or their operation.
Users that have doubts about which data are required, are encouraged to contact the owner.
Any use of cookies - or other tracking tools - from Oriente Import S.r.l. or third party services used by owners Oriente Import S.r.l., unless otherwise stated, aims to provide the service requested by the user, as well the additional purposes described herein and Cookie Policy, if available.

The User is responsible for the Personal Information obtained from third parties, published or shared by Oriente Import S.r.l. and warrant that you have the right to communicate or spread them, freeing the owner from any liability to third parties.

Mode and place of processing of the collected data

Treatment Modalities

The Holder shall take appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or unauthorized destruction of Personal Data.
The treatment is carried out by means of computer and / or telematic instruments, with organizational methods and logic strictly related to the indicated purposes. In addition to the data, in some cases, they may have access to other data subjects involved in the organization of the Oriente Import S.r.l. (administrative, commercial, marketing, legal, system administrators) or external parties (such as third party technical services, mail carriers , hosting providers, IT companies, communications agencies) appointed, if necessary, in charge of by the Data Processing. The updated list of Managers may be requested from the Data Controller.

Legal Treatment Base

The Holder is Personal Information concerning the user in if one of the following conditions:

  • the user has given their consent for one or more particular purposes; Note: In some jurisdictions the Holder may be entitled to process Personal Information without your consent must exist or another of the legal bases specified below, as long as the user does not object ( "opt-out") to such treatment. This is not, however, apply if the processing of Personal Information is governed by European legislation on protection of personal data;

  • the treatment is necessary to the execution of a contract with you and / or the execution of pre-contractual measures;

  • the treatment is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation to which the Controller is subject;

  • the treatment is necessary for the execution of a task of public interest or for the exercise of public powers of which is invested with the Holder;

  • the treatment is necessary to achieve the legitimate interest of the Owner or third parties.

It 's always possible to ask the owner to clarify the concrete legal basis for each treatment and in particular to specify whether treatment is based on the law, provided for in a contract or required to conclude a contract.


The Data are processed at the operating locations of the holder and in any other place where the parties involved in the treatment shall be localized. For more information, contact the owner.
The User's Personal Data may be transferred to a country other than that in which the user is located. To get more information on the location of the treatment the user can refer to the detail section on the processing of personal data.

The User is entitled to obtain information concerning the legal basis of the transfer of data outside the European Union or an international organization of public international law or of two or more countries, such as the UN, as well as about the security measures taken by the owner to protect the data.

Should take place either one of these transfers, the user can refer to the respective sections of this document or ask for information to the data by contacting the extremes shown in the opening.

Retention period

The data are processed and stored for the time required by the purposes for which they were collected.


  • The Personal Data collected for purposes related to the execution of a contract between the owner and the user will be held back until he has completed the execution of that contract.

  • The Personal Data collected for purposes related to the legitimate interest of the Holder will be detained until the satisfaction of that interest. You can get more information about the legitimate interest pursued by the data in the relevant sections of this document or by contacting the owner.

When treatment is based on the consent of the User, the Holder may retain Personal Information as long as until consensus can be revoked. In addition, the holder may be required to retain Personal Data for a longer period in compliance with a legal requirement or by order of an authority.

At the end of the period keeps the Personal Information will be deleted. Therefore, at the expiration of that period the right to access, cancellation, rectification and the right to data portability will no longer be exercised.

The use of the collected data

The User's data are collected to allow the Owner to provide their services, as well as for the following purposes: Registration and authentication, platform and hosting services, payments and Management Interaction with external social networks and platforms.

To get more detailed information about the treatment aims and Personal Data actually relevant for each purpose, the user can refer to the appropriate sections of this document.

Details on the processing of Personal Data

The Personal Data are collected for the following purposes and using the following services:

- Management of payments

The management services allow payments to Oriente Import S.r.l. to process payments via credit card, bank transfer or other means. The data used for the payment are collected directly by the payment service provider is required without being processed in any way from the Oriente Import S.r.l..
Some of these services may also allow the dispatch of the User programmed messages, such as emails containing invoices or notifications concerning the payment.

- PayPal (PayPal)

PayPal is a payment service provided by PayPal Inc., which allows the User to make payments online.

Personal Data collected: various types of data as specified by the privacy policy of the service.

- Interaction with external social networks and platforms

This type of service allows for interactions with social networks, or other external platforms directly from the Oriente Import S.r.l.  pages.
The interactions and information acquired from the Oriente Import S.r.l. is in any case subject to the User's privacy settings related to any social network.
If it is possible that, even if the users do not use the service, the same collect traffic data about the pages on which you installed a service interaction with social networks is installed.

- Button Likes and Facebook social widgets (Facebook, Inc.)

The button "Like" Facebook and social widgets are interactive services with the social network Facebook, supplied by Facebook, Inc.

Personal data collected: Cookie and data usage.

Place of treatment: USA - Privacy Policy.

- Button widget and PayPal (Paypal)

The button and PayPal Widgets are interactive services with the platform PayPal, provided by PayPal Inc.

Personal data collected: Cookie and data usage.

Place of treatment: See privacy policy of Paypal - Privacy Policy.

- Registration and Authentication

By registering or authenticating the user allows the Application to identify him and to give him access to special services.
Depending on how much follows, registration and authentication services could be provided with the help of third parties. If this happens, this application will have access to certain data stored by the third party service used for registration or identification.

- Log In with PayPal (Paypal)

Log In with PayPal is a service of registration and authentication provided by PayPal Inc. and connected to the PayPal network.

Personal Data collected: various types of data as specified by the privacy policy of the service.

Place of treatment: See privacy policy of Paypal - Privacy Policy.


- Direct recording (Oriente Import S.r.l.)

The user registers by completing the registration form and providing directly to Oriente Import S.r.l. their Personal Data.

Personal Data collected: ZIP code, city, Tax Code, surname, date of birth, email address, billing address, shipping address, country, name, house number, telephone number and province.

- platform and hosting services

These services are designed to accommodate and operate key components of the Oriente Import S.r.l. , capable of delivering the Oriente Import S.r.l. from a single platform. These platforms provide to the owner a wide range of tools such as, for example, analytical instruments, for the management of user registration, to manage comments and database, e-commerce, to process payments etc. The use of these instruments involves the collection and processing of Personal Data. Some of these services operate across geographically dispersed servers in different locations, making it difficult to determine the exact location where the Personal Data is kept.

- PrestaShop (PrestaShop SA)

PrestaShop is a platform provided by PrestaShop SA that allows the owner to develop, operate and host a website dedicated to e-commerce.

Personal Data collected: various types of data as specified by the privacy policy of the service.

Place of treatment: France - Privacy Policy.

- A2 Hosting Privacy Policy - where it is the web site

User rights

Users may exercise certain rights in relation to data processed by the data.

In particular, the User has the right to:

  • revoke your consent at any time. You may revoke your consent to the processing of Personal Data previously expressed.

  • object to the processing of their data.You may object to the processing of data when it is done on a legal basis other than by consent. Further details on the right to object are indicated in the section.

  • access their data. The User has the right to obtain information on data processed by the holder, on certain aspects of the treatment and to receive a copy of processed data.

  • check and ask for rectification. You can check the accuracy of their data and update or correction.

  • obtain the limitation of the treatment. When certain conditions are met, the user can ask the treatment of its personal data limitation. In this case the owner will not process data for any purpose other than their preservation.

  • To cancel or cancellation of their Personal Data. When certain conditions are met, the user can request the cancellation of their data by the Owner.

  • receive their data or have them transferred to another controller.You have the right to receive their data in a structured, common and readable use by automatically and, where technically feasible device size, to obtain the obstacles without transfer to another owner. This shall apply when the data are processed by automated tools and treatment is based on the User's consent, of a contract to which the User is part of contractual or related measures.

  • lodging complaints. You can propose a complaint to the control of the competent data protection or act in court.

Details on the right to object

When the Personal Data are treated in the public interest, in the exercise of official authority with which it is the owner or to pursue a legitimate interest of the Owner, Users have the right to oppose the treatment for a reason related to their particular situation.

It is pointed out to Members that if their data were treated with direct marketing purposes, can object to the processing without giving any reasons. To find out if the owner whether data with direct marketing purposes Users can refer to the respective sections of this document.

How to exercise the rights

To exercise Your rights, Users may direct a request to contact the Holder indicated in this document. The requests are filed free of charge and processed by the Proprietor in the shortest time possible, in any case within one month.


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More information on treatment

Defense in court

The User's Personal Data may be used by the owner in court or in the preparatory stages leading to possible legal defense against improper use of the Oriente Import S.r.l. l or related services by the User.
The User declares to be aware that the owner may be required to disclose the information by order of public authorities.

informative specifications

At your request, in addition to the information contained in this privacy policy, Oriente Import S.r.l. may provide You with additional and contextual information about specific services, or the collection and processing of Personal Data.

Log System and Maintenance

For needs related to operation and maintenance, Oriente Import S.r.l. and any third-party services used by it may collect system logs, which are files that record the interactions and may also contain Personal Information, such as IP address User.

No information contained in this Policy

Further information in relation to the processing of Personal Information may be requested at any time at the Data Controller by using the contact ends.

Response to "Do Not Track"

Oriente Import S.r.l. does not support requests "Do Not Track".
To find out if any third-party services used to support, users are invited to consult the respective privacy policies.

Changes to this privacy policy

The Data Controller reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy at any time by giving information to users on this page and, if possible, of Oriente Import S.r.l. and, if technically and legally feasible, by sending a notification to users via one of the contact ends of which is in possession of the owner. Please therefore check this page regularly, referring to the last modified date shown at the bottom.

Where the changes affect treatments whose legal basis is the consensus, the Holder will again collect the User's consent, if necessary.

Definitions and legal references

Personal data (or data)

It constitutes personal data any information which directly or indirectly, in connection with any other information, including a personal identification number, make an identified or identifiable natural person.

Use of Data

This is the information automatically collected through Oriente Import S.r.l. (even from the Oriente Import S.r.l.  integrated third-party applications), including: IP addresses or domain names of the computers used by the users who connect with Oriente Import S.r.l., addresses URI (Uniform Resource Identifier), the time of request, the method used in forwarding the request to the server, the size of the file obtained in reply, the numerical code indicating the status of response from the server (successful, error, etc. .) the country of origin, the features of the browser used by the visitor and the operating system, the various time of the visit (eg the time spent on each page) and details about the path followed in the Application,with particular reference to the sequence of pages, the parameters relating to the operating system and computer environment.


The individual who uses Oriente Import S.r.l.  that, unless otherwise stated, coincides with the interested party.


The individual to whom the Personal Data.

The Data Manager (or Manager)

The natural person, legal person, public administration or any other body which processes personal data on behalf of the owner, as set out in this privacy policy.

Data Controller (or owner)

The natural or legal person, public authority, agency or other body which alone or jointly with others determines the purposes and means of the processing of personal data and the tools used, including the security measures concerning the operation and the enjoyment of Oriente Import S.r.l.. the Data Controller, unless otherwise specified, is the owner of Oriente Import S.r.l. 

Oriente Import S.r.l. (or this Application)

The hardware or software tool by which they are collected and processed Personal Data of Users.


The service provided by Oriente Import S.r.l. as defined in relative terms (if any) on this site / application.

European Union (or EU)

Unless otherwise noted, the European Union contained in this document is meant extended to all current EU member states and the European Economic Area.


Small portion of data stored within the User device.

Legal information

This privacy statement has been prepared on the basis of multiple systems of law, including Article. 13 and 14 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

Unless otherwise stated, this privacy policy covers only Oriente Import S.r.l.